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There are a range of services authors can choose from, if they are looking to publish a book in India. Print-on-demand self-publishing, eBook publishing, ghostwriting, copy-editing, and social media marketing are among them, to name a few. Based on the shortlisted package, authors can avail these services to publish or market their books. Besides this, they can also get publishing packages tailored to suit their requirements.

Our Services

Basic & Customised Interior Formatting & Design

Cover page and complete book design with High Resolution Graphics

Customised Interior with Enhanced Layout & Superior Illustrations

Composing and drafting

Issuing Barcode & ISBN 

Copyright & Digital Proof

Printing work (Paperback, Hardcore in all book sizes)

Free home delivery

ebook conversion

Print On Demand / Inventory Management

Complimentary Copies

Author Promotions & Interviews

Listing of books in eCommerce websites & portals like amazon, alibaba, flipkart, kindle,GeM portals,  google, indiamart etc. for selling

On demand Typing & Printing services

Distribution, Marketing & Selling physical book via vendors at all India level

Certificate to all individual author

On Demand Book Launching ( Different Ways )

Customised Publishing Packages Based On Author Needs

Freedom to Choose the Selling Price Based on the Projections of   Royalty Calculator

Extensive Social Media Ad Campaign Covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WhatsApp


Best, Economical & Transparent Pricing for Publishing your Book with No hidden Charges and 100% Royalty

            Basic Package :

Rs. 700 ( ISBN, Barcode, e-book to author, Book on Publishers website) 

Economical Package:

Rs. 1000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Starter Package

Rs. 2000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Premium Package

Rs. 4000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Silver Package

Rs. 6000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Golden Package

Rs. 10000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Diamond Package

Rs. 30000 ( all services included  free e-book to author) 

Extraordinary Package

All Services free to well established, reputed, emirates and Highly recognized Authors.  

Modes of payment

1. 30% amount on contract

2. 30% before start to printing

3. 40% before shipping or COD

Method of Payment

1. Pay through UPI @  7780903978

2. Aleema Publishers (Payments)

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Please contact your Publishing Consultant or email us at enq@aleemapublisher.com for any query related to payments.


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First Contact us to discuss all regarding your Book, Thesis, Dissertation, Project and other aspects 

Register for Publishing

Fill your name, email & mobile number and register for publishing.

Send us Sample pages?

Send few pages of your manuscript for our editors to review.

Choose a package

Our publishing consultant will discuss with you to help you choose a self-publishing package.

Sign Author Agreement?

We will send you author agreement via email which is to be signed electronically. No paper work or delay.

Send us your Manuscript

Send us your complete manuscript along with other details like book summary and author bio via email.

Your Book is Published?

Our team of experts will do the rest like cover designing, interior designing, etc.. and setup online distribution of your book.]





Physical Distribution

Your paperback/hardcover book will be available for sale on book stores at National and International level. 

National & International Online Distribution

Your paperback/hardcover book will be available for sale on India's leading ecommerce & portals websites like Amazon, Flipkart,  Alibaba, Kindle, GeM portals,  Google, Indiamart, AIP Website,  etc. for selling

InGram Distribution

Ingram is one of the largest book distributors in the world. They specialize in making books from leading publishers available to over 30,000 stores and libraries across 150+ countries. You can leverage our tie-up with Ingram to make your book available for sale globally. Your book will be available in paperback format with either a full-color or full black and white interior, irrespective of its format in India.

Author Website

An author website is an excellent platform to engage with your potential readers. It also helps in building your brand as an author. Basic author website will have author profile and list of books with their respective store links.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews helps in encouraging your potential readers to buy your book. We can get your book to genuine book lovers who will read your book write a review on their blog or on ecommerce websites.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon.in and Flipkart.com are the largest ecommerce websites of India and with the help of sponsored ads you can boost the visibility of your book on these platforms. We will create and manage campaigns for you and provide reports on a regular basis. Our management fee is 30% of total spend.

Social Media Marketing

Creation of a Facebook fan page along with a custom designed cover image is the first step in Facebook marketing. We will run promotions to reach to your potential readers. Use Blog, Watsapp, etc.

Book Launch Events 

We organize special events for inauguration and promotion of your book.

Other Ways of Promotion, Publicity and Sale of Book


AIP use other different ways and means for your book to reach every individual located at any corner of Earth.

GeM Portal

Your book will be available at GeM portal for sale ( Government Portal for all Colleges and Universities in India)

Audiobook Distribution

We provide audiobook production and publishing services and submission to 15+ audiobook platforms such as Amazon Audible, Audiobooks.com, Google Play Audiobooks, Audiobooks Now, Nook, Kobo and more.


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